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from 25 €

Renting an E-MTB gives you the chance to see wonderful landscapes, to cover long distances, to have fun and breathe clean and fresh air. It is an antipollution means of transport and there’s no need for a big athletic training to use it.

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2 hours25 €
1/2 day30 €
1 day40 €
2 days80 €
3 days115 €
4 days155 €
5 days190 €
6 days220 €
1 week240 €

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    Sizes S M L, cushioned, equipped with disk brakes, Shimano shift, Bosch engine and Power Pack 500 batteries. Our e-bikes are also supplied with additional accessories for trips.

    Either for a short or a long period rental, either you want to offer a service to your guests, if you run an accomodation facility or if you just want to organise something for you and your family, don’t hesitate to contact us.
    We’ll be more than happy to give you all information you need to satisfy your requirements.

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    The power-assisted bike works through the propulsive action of both riders’ pedals and electric engine. It is very silent, without any emission of polluting substances. It has an autonomy of 120 km using the engine assistance. The coefficient of the power distribution between engine and rider is variable and selectable by the rider himself. Our bikes are cleaned and sanitized after each use. They’re provided with lock, storage and phone compartments, led lights, bell and kickstand. We can also provide you with the helmet.


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